Computer Nerdery Imminent!

Saturday, I essentially spent the whole day with Alex. Today, I organized my computer stuff. I noticed a great deal on a Cruiser Micro at Office Depot, and went to buy that for Amanda. She needs a new one fairly badly. Her old one is stolen by the digital picture frame, and I sometimes need mine. What seems cool about the Cruiser Micro is that the whole case is the same piece as the plug. The plug shouldn’t get bent up and loose as they tend to do on normal usb drives. I can’t find a picture of this exact drive online, not even at the Sandisk site. I’ll take a picture of it sometime.

This next week is just going to be full of computer nerdery. I’m still trying to fix Amanda’s computer! I brought a spare machine from home, and bought a new heatsink for it, to make it quieter, and it doesn’t fit in the case along with the power supply. As I’m going to be swapping a bunch of motherboards around, I had Dad buy two of my favorite cases in the world, the Antec 1650, from RAM Technologies back in Eau Claire.

RAM seems to be much more reasonably priced compared to five years ago. I’m not quite sure if its the store that changed, taking lower margins on products so they’re closer to online prices, or if its me that changed, and I don’t quite pinch the pennies as hard as I used to when I was a paper boy.

Well anyway, Meg Mueller is bringing the cases back Tuesday, along with my thumbdrive I left in Betty’s car.

So today, before Matthew got back, I lost my keys, while I was in my room. He got back while I was still searching, and I ended up being at my wit’s end, and searching the garbage cans. They were definitely down in the bottom of one of our garbage cans. Sometimes I think there are little pixies that steal my stuff and move it around.

Last year, one day when Matthew was gone all morning at class, I locked the door and went to class as well. You have to realize, the doors in the dorms, to lock them and walk out, you need to lock them from the outside. You can’t “set them to lock” and then leave your keys in there. So as long as you don’t have your roommate lock you out, you’re set, because if your door is locked, it meant you were outside your door with them, to lock it. You can’t lock yourself out. To do that, you need a partner. Anyway, I locked the door, from the outside with my keys, and went to class. I came back, and I noticed I didn’t have my keys. I tried the door. Nope, locked. I went to the front desk, checked out a key, and opened the door. My keys are on my desk. This whole situation was impossible, but happened. Matthew didn’t come home the entire time, so he’s out of the picture. Dorm pixies, I tell you.

Anyway, later tonight, I’m installing OpenBSD on Amanda’s old hardware, as it seems to have display issues on the motherboard. I should install webDAV and LDAP on there, set them up for handling my Evolution stuff.

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