One thought on “The Tuloriad by John Ringo”

  1. I wholly agree with AW’s comment above. The middle to later books in this series are just not worth the time. Julie Cochrane and Tom Krautman, John Ringo’s collaborating authors, are inferior writers. Cally’s War and Sister Time, both by Cochrane, I couldn’t finish, nor do I wish to finish them. Watch on the Rhine by Krautman is an absolute piece of crap written in the style of an adolescent. I stupidly bought the hardcover because I loved the Posleen Saga–until then. The Tuloriad, bought in paperback, disappointed from about the middle of the first chapter on. The notion that an advanced spacefaring race must need exposure to religion is reprehensible. The Afterword is laughable, and is the best part of the book for me. Krautman insults Islam and Atheism while putting a spin on history that’s as specious as it is self serving. Read about Lepanto the Battle in any other work and I challenge you to discern anything of the Divine in it. Krautman is just wishful thinking here!
    Do not read anything by this author and avoid disappointment and the deficit to your pocketbook. Even secondhand, they’re not worth it!

    Bright #1,000,001

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