Enable nginx debug logs on an IP

The other day, I had a weird situation on an nginx server.

I read a little, thought a little, but I didn’t figure it out. I thought about turning up logging, but I was concerned about the increase in disk IO changing the issue. If only there were a way to turn on debug logging just for an IP…

There is, and it’s called debug_connection! (I was able to figure the issue out in just a few minutes.)

Follow changes in a file on Github

Sometimes, I want to watch for changes in a file on Github.

A CODEOWNERS file works OK to alert someone of pull requests (upcoming changes), but it isn’t really an option for folks who aren’t part of the development team.

I found out recently that you can do this via Github’s RSS/Atom feeds!

To watch the file README.rst on the main branch of, use the RSS feed:

Thanks, Jake!

I would love for a way to extend this and be alerted to public pull requests that affect that file. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Search and parse a field with Awk

I frequently need to do extremely simple parsing. Often I resort to grep and cut, or a regular expression I send through Python or perl. Today, I learned how to use awk for this.

awk '-F: ' '/Configuration backup archive complete/{print $2}' will look for a line with “Configuration backup archive complete”, split the line up by colons, and print the second field.