Actiontastic Exporter

Actiontastic Exporter is a piece of python I wrote for exporting actions from the Mac Getting Things Done-inspired software Actiontastic.

Download Actiontastic Exporter v0.1.

This is a python script, intended for use in the terminal or in scripts. To use in the terminal, extract the zip, and open a terminal. Use cd to enter the directory of the zip, and run python For help and options, run python -h.

If you extracted it to your desktop, it will be like this:

cd ~/Desktop/actiontastic-exporter-v0.1/
python -h

It never writes to the database, but if it destroys your Actiontastic database, please don’t be angry at me. Please backup your ~/Library/Application Support/Actiontastic.sqlite.


  • Exports Actiontastic actions in plain text format
  • Sorts by project or context
  • Preserves action ordering in projects and contexts
  • Can provide more or less information in the export
  • Can read from alternative sqlite database


  • Actiontastic Exporter showing the help screen
  • Actiontastic Exporter sorting by project
  • Actiontastic Exporter sorting by project with more information
  • Actiontastic Exporter exporting to a file


  • Ignores anything in the Inbox
  • More output mode isn’t as pretty as it could be



Any feature requests, questions, or comments, feel free to email me using the contact form.