Laser-cut “Jigsaw” Puzzle

My son had a Kindergarten assignment–to bring in 100 of something, for a celebration of 100 days of school.

The finished puzzle
“100th day 2-20-20” (I guess I’ll have to teach him about ISO 8601.)

He decided he’d make a puzzle. I took him to my workshop to laser-cut a 100 piece puzzle out of 1/8th inch Baltic birch.

He was incredibly patient and simply delighted by how awesome laser cutting is.

We used an online jigsaw puzzle generator to make the design. It worked well enough, but the pieces weren’t really distinct enough with the settings that I used.

It was really fast!

Next time, I would tape the puzzle together after it had been cut. Solving a blank two-sided puzzle of “wood grain” was not fast!

After we solved it, my son colored it with markers. It turned out great!

(This (1, 2) is on Instagram, too, if that’s your thing.)

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