Solderless Breadboard Carrier Followup

On October 21, my breadboard carrier project hit the front page of Hack A Day.

Later that night, it hit the front page of MAKE: Blog.

Roaming through my statistics, I can see that Don Marti probably clicked through. That’s kinda cool.

Someone clicked through from an email message at Yahoo Mail. The article was’ed and sent through a web translator. Someone checked my site through their cellphone, and 74 people were using FreeBSD.

Numberwise, about 4000 unique visitors showed up, and I received approximately 26,000 hits. That averages out to about six hits a visit, which is nicer than one. I used 173 megs of bandwidth.

Anyone have any suggestions for my next project?

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Thanks for the link. Good project.

I use these tackle boxes for everything small enough to get lost in a regular toolbox (Velcro, screws from McFeely, every fastener that has come with every PC part I’ve bought for seven years). I think Plano makes a box with a breadboard-sized clear space in the center, but I can’t find anything on their web site.

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