HOWTO: emulate a TI-89 in Linux using Wine

I was able to get a TI-89 on my desktop fairly painlessly using Wine. Years ago, I owned an 89, but it was destroyed in a tragic high school chemistry lab.

  1. First, I downloaded and installed wine 0.9.4.
  2. I then used WineTools vt0.9jo to properly setup my wine environment, installing all the Windows pieces that makes wine so much easier to work with.
  3. I downloaded Virtual TI from
  4. I extracted the, and moved it inside my ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/ so it would be easier to find, and along with all my other Windows apps.
  5. I then found the rom backup from before the chemistry disaster, and moved it into the vti folder as well.
  6. I ran Virtual TI with wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/vti/Vti.exe and told it where to find the rom.

Virtual TI on Linux

Now, I can do my homework with the same hardware I’ll borrow from my roommate to use during the test!

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