episode filer organizes your tv shows!

I’ve been playing around with git and github recently, and out popped this little project, episode filer. It files your tv shows into proper directories, taking just a little bit of monotony out of your day.

The project page is at and it’s on github at

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Could you please explain how to use without running the entire script? I have zero knowledge of python, and even less of complex regexp, and am trying to find some way to extract title, season, and episode information from a file name so I can pass it on to AtomicParsley.

The function from tvorg you’ll use is parse_filename(). It returns the title, season, and episode information. Do you know the commands you’d run with AtomicParsley to set the title, season, and episode number? If so, post them here and I’ll see what I can do in a few days. If you want to try, you’re going to have to import, and then use subprocess to run an external command. It won’t be very complicated at all.

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