Follow changes in a file on Github

Sometimes, I want to watch for changes in a file on Github.

A CODEOWNERS file works OK to alert someone of pull requests (upcoming changes), but it isn’t really an option for folks who aren’t part of the development team.

I found out recently that you can do this via Github’s RSS/Atom feeds!

To watch the file README.rst on the main branch of, use the RSS feed:

Thanks, Jake!

I would love for a way to extend this and be alerted to public pull requests that affect that file. Let me know if you have any ideas!


episode filer organizes your tv shows!

I’ve been playing around with git and github recently, and out popped this little project, episode filer. It files your tv shows into proper directories, taking just a little bit of monotony out of your day.

The project page is at and it’s on github at