Initial release of check_projects

I wrote a tool for checking project directories.  It checks for a variety of things.

Typical usage often looks like this:

check_projects -d /foo/bar/baz

which would check /foo/bar/baz for the following:

  • a non-empty file in /foo/bar/baz with a name that starts with README
  • a non-empty file in /foo/bar/baz with a name that starts with LICENSE
  • /foo/bar/baz being in a git repository
  • /foo/bar/baz’s git repository having an empty stash
  • /foo/bar/baz’s git repository having remotes
  • /foo/bar/baz’s git repository having no uncommitted changes
  • /foo/bar/baz’s git repository having no unpushed commits

I’m definitely open to other checks and other version control systems. Let me know if there’s something you’re interested in.

check_projects seems to work for me, but please do not assume it works perfectly. If you’re using it for something critical, take a look at the code or let me know.

It’s written in Python. You can download it or take a closer look at

Now that we’re done with the business-y intro, the human side.

Even though I’ve been seriously programming in Python since 2004 or so, this was the first project I’ve ever uploaded to PyPI.  (You can see it at This is pretty cool–it means that you Python programmers can just pip install check_project!

Second, if you are pretty sure you know you need something like this, but you need help installing this, let me know.

Third, if you use this and like it at all, please let me know. In 2015, many programs are still written by human meatbags, and we appreciate knowing our work is used and is helping someone.

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